Net Worth

Net worth is a way of calculating how much you are worth. If you take everything you own (assets) and minus off everything you owe (liabilities) you are left with your net worth.

If you have just left university or have little in savings you may have negative net worth. On the other hand, if you have a lot of savings or own a house or other assets, then you may have positive net worth.

We started tracking our net worth from September 2015. I use an Excel spreadsheet to track the value of everything we own/owe.


Oct 2017 Update: $307,021.00

This is an increase of $2250.00 per month or approximately $27,000 per year.

Our net worth consists of the following:

Cash 3.4%
Investments 6.2%
KiwiSaver 11.2%
Real Estate 76.0%
Vehicles 3.3%

Real Estate as a percentage has stayed the same, vehicles has decreased (as we sold a car), cash has decreased, and investments+KiwiSaver have increased relatively a lot.

From February 2016 to January 2017 we aimed to increase our net worth by 30k. It was close but we succeeded.



End of year 2016 $286,763.78 (increase of $56,738.97)

This increase was due to three reasons.

Our rental property was valued $25,000 higher which accounts for much of the increase.

2016 was the first year that we invested any money into the share market and was a major focus for us. This was almost $11,000 investment.

Lastly, we focused on paying an extra 20% on the mortgage in order to be mortgage free as soon as possible.

End of year 2015 $230,024.81

This largely amount is due to taking advantage of New Zealand’s retirement fund, KiwiSaver for several years. In addition, we own a small rental property.

The wife’s student loan has long since been paid off, while mine was still over $30,000.